Global Seatrade's fleet is made up of vessels designed such that they are ideal for project cargo, but at the same time can also operate viably in ordinary markets. The vessels are self-designed based on experience and vision for the future which ensures that all the vessels better reflect the market needs. Therefor Global Seatrade operates vessels that are true game changers when it comes to their capabilities. The result from our design is that the relationship between distance travelled, carrying capability and time is significantly better than with standard ships. We carry more, faster and therefore further in less time.


Trader 18 type vessel

Trader 18

Length: 105 meters
Width: 16 meters
Weight: 2981 GT
Lift capacity: 2 x 120 tonnes
Notation Open-top
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M2 type vessel

M2 Runner

Length: 95 meters
Width: 14 meters
Weight: 2989 GT
Capacity: 219.000 CUF
Notation Open-top
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r3 type vessel

R3 Carrier

Length: 108 meters
Width: 14 meters
Weight: 3636 GT
Capacity: 264.718 CUF
Notation: Roll-on Roll-off / Open top
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