• "Difference by design."
  • "Carrying twice as much cargo as competitor ships of the same tonnage."
  • "Unassuming but unstoppably innovative."
  • "Market-led innovation coupled to real world no-nonsense."
  • "M2 and even more - surprising the client with "unlimited" square metres"


Geared vessels

Global Seatrade-designed "Trader 18" vessels are the fastest in its class in the world. An innovative hull design allows for a speed of 18 knots instead of the usual 12, with only a slight increase in fuel cost. Fewer sailing days means less cost for customers.

This "Trader 18" type won the prestigious Dutch "ship of the year" award in 2007 - and since then a further three have been built. The versatility of the design, and lifting capacity up to 240 tonnes with 24 metre outreach, shallow draught gives customers a unique combination of features that even six years later, cannot be matched by competitors.





Gearless vessels

“The Hartman M2 Runner is a 3,500 dwt ship that can do what a 6,000 dwt ship does, but has the cost profile of a 2,000 dwt ship” is the way customers understand this strange newcomer. With its distinctive look, with the bridge and accommodation only taking up half of the width of the deck, it gives nearly twice the square meterage of deck and 30% more cubic meterage of hold space as conventional vessels - the M2 Runner has 2,900 M2 of deck space versus a standard 3,500 dwt ship's 1,600 M2. It has 90 metres of useable deck space on an overall length of 93 metres.



With its Open Top notation, which only a dozen or so ships have, it is able to carry large items that otherwise would need a larger vessel's hold to accommodate them with the hatches closed. It can load and unload at sea; it has a 30% lower running cost due to innovative features; the deck has twice the usual strength to accommodate point loads of project cargo; it has an IMO dangerous goods notation and can even carry nuclear cargo.